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We help brands move forward with innovative apps.

We deliver high-quality apps for mobile, VR, and AR

Our mission is grounded in both the world in which we live and the future we strive to create.

Today, we live in a rapidly emerging technological landscape and the transformation we are driving across our businesses is designed to enable Niv Software and our customers to thrive in a world where cloud-first has become cloud-only, VR has gone from a novelty to a sustainable business, and AR is right around the corner.

We've worked with established agencies to create VR and AR apps for Fortune 500 companies like T-Mobile, Dell, Boeing, Raytheon, China Airlines, Schneider Electric, Cummins just to name a few.


We follow an agile approach which includes project management, business analysis, custom design and development, QA testing and implementation

We develop for Epson Moverio, ODG, Vuzix, Google Glass, Hololens, Magic Leap using ARKit, ARCore, or Vuforia

We develop for Oculus, Google Daydream, Oculus Go, Oculus Qwest, Vive, Oculus Rift

Our Team

Bivas Biswas

Founder, CTO
Former Computer Scientist, US Defense Projects
Leadership Certificate, Harvard Business School
M.S. Computer Science, ASU

Ingrid Slabaugh

Former Software Engineer, IBM
M.S. Computer Science, ASU

Jessica Brozyna

Business Development Executive
Master's Degree, Harvard University


What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud will be synonymous to the word Internet. Can you think of a business today that’s not on the internet?

Programmers Fail Interviews Because Of The Whiteboard

Intelligence usually has nothing to do with how you do in coding interviews. I’ve seen many intelligent programmers do poorly in interviews. I’ve seen brilliant engineers struggle with thinking things through clearly. Good programmers freeze in front of the whiteboard. It is not home! Home is their favorite IDE in dark mode.

What Is Augmented Reality

Augmented reality(AR) is our reality augmented with digital data.

The digital data can be in the form of text, pictures, videos, 3d assets, or a combination of all of the above.

The AR system will need to understand reality and reconstruct it to create its digital twin.

It also needs to enable the user to be able to interact with both the digital twin and the digital data.

Some of the awesome people and companies
that love Niv Software

Niv has really helped our business. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Niv. Thank You!

Joel Martin

If you want a VR app that works and effective implementation - Niv has got you covered. I just can't get enough of Bivas. You won't regret it.

Joe PowellArt Director

I am completely blown away. I STRONGLY recommend Bivas to EVERYONE interested in getting their project done! Thank you so much for your help.

Anton Freelancer

Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. Stephen Hawking

Los Angeles


West Hollywood, CA, US